Through Her Lenses


She flashed her lashes
      And right there was a panorama-
With glimpses of years that unveiled
      Which seemed as if some meaningful drama!

As if it was just yesterday
      When she had loads of books aligned-
Now there were walls with degrees hanging
      That came with the wind that blew from cloud nine!

There was this college
      She outrageously craved for-
Signing an alumni form for the same
      On her face, was happiness galore!

Those shout-outs,those loud gang giggles
      And that happy world: I suppose-
Well dressed in a PRADA
      She stared at memories that froze!

There was this guy
      She called her teenage passion-
Who today seems an August man
      And she still has his complete attention!

A lover of clothes, of shoes
      Of all he brings-
Today, carries no piece of jewellery
      Except that glossy elegant ring!

She dreamt about it- about it all
      With those drops of falling rain-
From grain to bread- I may say
      She wanted to live it- IT ALL ONCE AGAIN!

                                      -ASmita Mehta


One thought on “Through Her Lenses

  1. hailangeliccreation says:

    This is a lovely piece of longing and reminiscence!
    I wanted to tell you I nominated you for the 3-Day Quote Challenge! The rules are on my latest post, and I wish you luck!
    Happy quoting!
    -Author S


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