One Day..


Oh yes! One day-
       Life may let you laugh 'lady'-
When the hope gets high 
       & the sun more Yellow;
When margarita seems fresh 
       & the chords- more mellow!

One day-
       Life may push you to cry-
When the temperament gets low
       & the clouds more Black;
When soup seems spinach
       & the chords- diverted from their track!

One day-
       Life may force you towards anger-
When the tolerance gets high
       & the blood more Red;
When pepper seems hotter
       & the chords- viciously bled!

One day-
       Life may ask you to accumulate envy-
When the altruism gets low
       & the devil's liquid more Green;
When neighbor's dish seems more delicious
       & the chords- no longer clean!

One day-
       Life may want you to be confused-
When the instability gets high
       & the foresight more Gray;
When salt seems to be sugar
       & the chords- converting you into their prey!

Life they say-is just like clay-
Yellow, Black, Red, Green or Gray!
No matter, whatsoever is the day-
You'll find your own White way!

                                                    - ASmita Mehta




11 thoughts on “One Day..

  1. hailangeliccreation says:

    Your poem draws on beautiful imagery to evoke the emotions nestled in the lines. Your blog has a wonderful combination of a simple design to make the images pop. They catch the reader’s eye and draw them into your thought out pieces.
    I want to thank you for the follow, and I hope to hear what you think of my work. Feel free to search Navigation or get interactive. All constructive feedback and ideas are appreciated.
    Happy reading and writing!
    -Author S

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