Tiny-Little Desires


Neither cars, nor bungalows
      No gems studded on my way -
Neither diamonds, nor pearls
      No new dress for every new day !

Desires - what are mine 
      They say - are hard to achieve 
For all that i wish
      No best jeweller can ever weave !

Those hands that guided me
      In taking my first step -
I now want them to rise higher and higher
      Until they cover every single spot on the map!

Those shoulders that held my burden
      And never saw the dirt -
I now want them to notice how it feels
      When one has all the comfort!

Those legs that walked miles and more
      To get a glimpse of how i was -
I now want them to see through the window of their Bugatti
      That I am their Santa Claus !

Those eyes that kept their dreams aside
      To make me achieve what i can -
I now want to lay those golden eggs
      And be their magical hen !

For if there is a place where i can shop
      All the means of giving them what i desire -
On all the lords of the seven kingdom, I swear
      I wont let there be a place for any other buyer !
                                         - ASmita Mehta

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